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Motion Control Systems, Servo, Robot & Linear Transfer System

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Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of Servo and Motion system products providing solutions for applications as simple as a single axis point-to-point system through to fully synchronized 96 axis systems. With both standard pulse type output modules and SSCNET bus modules, specific application needs are easy to meet.

All Mitsubishi Servo and Motion system hardware is complemented by a range of software packages allowing easy programming and set-up of the units.

Motion control is also achievable with our small FX range of PLC’s, reducing costs for OEM’s.

Mitsubishi allows the full range of Melfa Robots to seamlessly integrate to the LTS (Linear Transfer System) via standard iQR range of CPU’s and motion controllers. A complete complex multi-level LTS systems are now simplified and supported using standard Mitsubishi Factory Automation components.

Motion Control System
Motion Control System
Motion Control Systems

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