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Megadrive offers a wide range of Mitsubishi Variable Speed Drives, from the cost-effective, variable speed control solution for general purpose applications to high performance drives that feature many of the special technologies originally developed for Mitsubishi Electric servo drive products.

  • Full 4 quadrant range with active front end
  • Including software for hoisting applications.
  • Speed, position & torque control with or without encoder feedback for tension applications.
  • FRF range for fan and pump applications with energy savings algorithms, best in its class. Solar panels connect directly to VSD for borehole applications
  • FRA 800 series, Mitsubishi drives can replace legacy servo amplifiers with encoder or resolver feedback saving thousands on machine upgrades
  • Mitsubishi VSD”s come in a wide variety of standard industry voltages, from 220v single phase up to 6,6 Kv from 100 Watt to 15 M watt
Variable speed drives
Variable speed drives
Variable speed drives

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