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a new division of megadrive automation

With 25 years’ experience in the electrical engineering and system integration field, we now have an exclusive division called ‘MEGAGEN”. This division approaches the application from the start by doing actual load analysis over a period of minimum and maximum demand. And customises the generator to the exact requirements of the client. Taking the following into consideration, Fuel tank size, Footprint available, Enclosure options from open frame type to completely silent. Including material options, steel, 3CR12 to stainless steel. Bigger gensets are housed in single or dual type in 6m std Shipping containers.

Our range starts at 12 kVA single phase all the way to 1MVA 400v 3phase. Load transfer switching comes as a standard feature of the Megadgen range, this can be excluded and remote LTS installed elsewhere.

All our Generator sets are managed by Deepsea controllers, from simple changeover type to load sharing and synchronization applications with the option of remote GSM control and monitoring, to “Load Shedding” schedules ensuring continuous power to your plant.

We also refurbish old generator sets with old legacy controls to save costs and rebuild to exact diesel saving requirements.

Service level agreements are available upon request as well as diesel filling via extra filtration and special anti-algae additives.

For more information and quotation please complete the enquiry form and we will be glad to put a specialist onto your application.